Each year millions of workdays are lost due to injury. Safety shoes protect your feet from injuries in the most hazardous of environments, but safety shoes are designed primarily for protection, comfort is secondary. Wearing inferior safety shoe day-in, day-out becomes a hazard in itself. More than twice the days lost to injury are lost to pain and discomfort.

Most pain & discomfort can be traced to wearing the wrong type / size / fit of shoe. In fact, 80% of workers are wearing the wrong type of shoe i.e. shoes as per the wrong hazard.

Common Issues arising due to ill-fitting shoes include:

  • Heel & arch pain (Plantar Fasciitis Metatarsalgia)
  • Ingrown nails
  • Blisters
  • Calf, leg & foot crowns
  • Knee and back pain
  • Hammer toe & hallux valgus
  • Neuromas in the foot

Merely, wearing shoes with the right fit ensures that all the support and cushioning technology in the shoe are aligned at the proper place, so you get the benefit and protection that the shoe provides.


We at Acme believe that Safety means a lot more than mere protection from hazards. It encapsulates the wearer's overall feeling of well-being and we are committed to building shoes adhering to the highest levels of quality, employing the latest innovations in shoe technology, to ensure the wearer's safety, comfort and wellness.

Acme has worked tirelessly, to reduce the issues arising from wearing safety shoes. Some of the solutions are:

Switchover to 522 Last with EE Fitting, which is more suited to the Indian foot structure, providing a more comfortable and snug fit.
Research And Development Wider Toe Caps, imported from Italy which provide ample wiggle space for the toes.
Construction Safety Shoes Cushioned shoe collars, to reduce friction with the feet.
Breathable Lining for moisture management to keep the foot dry and comfortable.
Soft and comfortable heel counters for a snug fit without abrasion
Best Branded safety shoes India External Support like TPU Inserts and KPU Uppers for fit, support and stability.
Top Safety Shoes Commpany india Innovative outer materials, like Synergy Proflex for flexibility and comfort.
Supportive Insocks for support to the Medial Arch, stability and all day comfort. Also provides a high degree of moisture management for the sweat generated through the day.