Shoe Care


  • Wear DRY SHOES only
  • Wet footwear should be allowed to dry naturally in a cool, dry area and not be force dried as this can causes deterioration of the upper material.
  • Always wear safety shoes with socks.
  • Change your socks daily.
  • Keep the laces tied for a snug and comfortable fit. Do not wear or take off shoes with tied up laces.
  • Wear the shoe properly by putting the full foot inside the shoe and resting the heel on the sole.
  • To ensure the best service and wear from footwear, it is important that the footwear is regularly cleaned. Do not use any caustic cleaning agents.
  • Barton, CG, CS, Oil Pull Up Leather: Remove dirt and stains with a damp cloth before applying a good wax polish to keep the leather supple and improve water resistance.
  • Suede, Nubuck, Crazy Horse Leather: As with grain leathers, clean with a damp cloth but ensure that the footwear does not become saturated. When dry, gently rub with a suede / nubuck cleaning block or a suede brush to restore the finish.
  • Sole: A blunt knife or a stiff bristled brush can be used to clean the sole.
  • If the footwear becomes damaged, it will NOT provide the optimum level of protection and therefore should be immediately replaced. NEVER USE DAMAGED FOOTWEAR.
  • If the footwear is taken care of and worn in the correct working environment and stored in dry ventilated conditions, it should give a good life, without premature failure.