We are comitted to Quality and Customer Service at India's largest safety shoe manufacturer with a State-of-the-art, ISO 9001: 2008 certified plant manufacturing a wide range of tested & certified safety shoes for all industries.read more >
About Acme Fabrik
We set ourselves apart by delivering cost effective, ethical, reliable, and high quality solutions of strategic value through our greatest asset - "Our All India Distribution Network".
Product Features and Safety
Our inhouse R&D facility creates unique solutions that deliver safety along with comfort, looks, durability and economy. We recognize new trends early and contribute towards shaping them ourselves.
Technology for Safety
Acme Ergo-Active safety shoes are fitted with a new type of microfibre lining whose capillary action ensures that moisture is considerably better conducted from the inside of the shoe to the outside.
Acme Rain Suit 
Enjoy the monsoon with a dash of colors and style. Check out our collection of trendy & stylish Rain Suits. Visit acmerainsuit.in